New UHC Online Credentialing Program

August 14, 2020

United Healthcare (UHC) has released a new article introducing, Onboard Pro, their new and improved credentialing tool located through their Optum portal. Over the next several months, Onboard Pro will be replacing the previous Request for Participation (RFP) portal throughout all states in the United States.

Onboard Pro will allow the process of credentialing new physicians and requests to join the network to be processed much quicker and streamlined as the tool will be connected with CAQH Proview. CAQH is an online provider data-collection solution that uses a standard electronic form that meets the needs of nearly every health plan/healthcare organization. APS’ expert credentialers maintain each physician’s CAQH with all data being attested every four months. 

Highlights of Onboard Pro
•    Faster approvals for new physicians joining your practice
•    Physician information automatically retrieved from CAQH
•    Streamlined usage throughout all 50 states 

Once access to Onboard Pro becomes available, APS will work to register each contracted Tax-ID for future credentialing applications.