Refund Policy

Refund Policy

We recognize the importance of resolving any and all account overpayments. We employ a team of highly trained personnel dedicated to resolving account overpayments as quickly as possible.

We are proactively notified by our billing system and research all credit balance accounts monthly. In the event we are notified by a carrier or patient of an overpayment before we have worked the credit balance account, the account can be submitted for an expedited refund.

Patient overpayments are submitted for client review and physical checks mailed to the patient or guarantor on file.

Insurance overpayments are submitted to the carrier for credit processing. In the event the insurance carrier is unable or is unwilling to accept credit processing of the overpayment, a physical check will be mailed to the insurance carrier.

We are committed to refunding any insurance or patient overpayments on a timely basis.


APS stepped in and took control of the transition and generated normal collections in our second month, improving billing, which is a huge accomplishment for our business.

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