Increase Revenue Through Better Billing Processes

Healthcare professionals across the country look to APS for industry-leading billing and revenue cycle management services. And with good reason—we provide the most effective billing and collection processes available, customized to meet each client’s unique needs. Our history of technological and process innovations dates back to 1960. From our base in Toledo, Ohio, we serve clients in nearly every state.

Our staff synergies ensure optimal RCM-enhanced capabilities, including payment validation services, CPT- and diagnosis-driven pre-billing edits by payer, claims denial management, and effective practice management.

In addition, we have taken actions to protect our clients’ interests through careful attention to regulatory and legal requirements. We are proud to serve as your fully compliant billing partner today, and we are committed to remaining compliant in the future.

We are partnered with practices from coast to coast, serving a number of specialties.


APS Medical Billing has served pathology practices since 1960 and was one of the first billing firms to perform professional component of clinical pathology billing. In addition, APS has an extensive understanding of this specialty’s legal and regulatory issues.

Our representatives have been called on to provide billing and practice management educational sessions for pathology conferences, including the MGMA’s Pathology Management Assembly, Association of Pathology Chairs, College of American Pathologists, The Dark Group and various state pathology organizations.


Radiology billing workflow is characterized by the electronic delivery of images, reports, data and communication. Even so, it takes trained and experienced people to ensure the effective delivery of revenues to a practice’s bottom line. APS understands this—and that’s why our radiology practices see significant results when it comes to increased revenues.

Using image capture and workflow management software and programs, APS has established a system combining experienced coding personnel with single modality reports. The result is an expert-reviewed coding process that not only matches automated coding processes in price, but also delivers vastly improved accuracy and compliance.

Outreach and Reference Laboratory

APS has a national presence and is an industry leader in the outreach and reference laboratory space. Our advanced technology and customized workflows allow for flexibility in aligning your revenue cycle management practices with your business and client service models. Our team works diligently to identify uncompensated testing from your referring providers and give you meaningful feedback to help reduce waste. Our client services team works as an extension of your own, providing trends and targeting opportunities to turn underperforming accounts into profit leaders. By data mining front-end edits and providing customized reporting to meet your needs, APS’ revenue cycle management solutions help further your position in the community and nationally.

Independent Laboratory

Whether your laboratory provides services to independent providers within the community or acts as a core lab for an entire health system, APS’ team of revenue cycle experts are here to help ensure financial success. We pair our team’s expertise with proprietary technology to customize workflows that mirror your own and pursue 100 percent charge capture. Our ability to maintain fee schedules at the referring provider level allows for support of your business practices. Our client bill team is knowledgeable of a multitude of billing arrangements and is available to help your client navigate their invoices. Additionally, our customer service team is trained to understand your business and provide empathetic feedback to the patients you serve.