APS Medical Billing Frequently Asked Questions

 FAQs About APS Medical Billing

1. How do I know I’m being paid correctly by insurance plans I participate with?

A:  APS Medical Billing uses proprietary billing software to employ a comprehensive payment validation tool. Our technology allows us to load all contracted rates for each carrier and compare payments and adjustments on a CPT level in real time. Underpayments are identified and a specialist is notified to contact each carrier and collect on all underpayments.

2. Do you provide coding services?

A:  APS Medical Billing provides complete Procedure and Diagnosis Coding on behalf of clients based on individual needs. 100% coding audits are implemented for all new clients until both parties are comfortable with both coding and documentation. Regular audits are then maintained for education, revenue enhancement and compliance purposes.

3. Do you provide credentialing services?

A:  APS Medical Billing believes it is imperative to provide multiple client services beyond claim submission and follow-up. Because of this, we offer complete credentialing services for all clients as part of a standard service package.

4. What do you charge for your services?

A:  APS Medical Billing’s fee for services provided is based on a percent of revenue collected. This fee can vary based on size and scope of practice and the ability to receive information electronically.

5. What are the start-up costs?

A:  There are typically no start-up costs charged by APS Medical Billing.

6. Can you interface with my information system?

A:  APS Medical Billing has a large, dedicated programming staff with experience interfacing with many information systems. For a complete list of systems we have experience working with, please contact us.

7. How do I know if my current billing arrangement is underperforming?

A:  Whether insourced or outsourced, auditing your current billing processes is the best way to determine if improvements can be made. APS Medical Billing has over 50 years of experience in billing for physician services and routinely provides audits and benchmarking for practices, based on our experience and historical data.

Please contact us with more questions specific to your situation.

8. Who fields questions from my patients?

A:  APS Medical Billing assigns a unique toll-free customer service line for patients to call. Our technology platform paired with extensive training programs empowers representatives to resolve patient questions efficiently in order to provide quality service.

9. How is my information protected in case of a disaster?

A:  Full backups are done nightly and moved offsite every morning. Any backup sitting onsite is stored in a fireproof vault until it is moved off-site. We utilize SunGard for Disaster Recovery and testing is performed annually. We also retain a backup hot site in Chicago, Illinois, which will run at full operation within 24 hours.

10. What is the process for handling my revenue?

A:  There are multiple processes for handling money that is collected on behalf of our clients. This can depend in part on whether the client holds a lock box or if they prefer checks to be mailed to our office. APS Medical Billing can make deposits on behalf of our clients into bank accounts at institutions we have access to. Some clients prefer to have an account opened on their behalf for deposit, allowing APS Medical Billing “view only” access. Money is then transferred to their local accounts through a sweep process determined during set-up.


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