“APS’ level of professionalism has left an excellent impression. Our group was lucky to have found them and they rescued us from the outdated service of our former biller.”

Tucson, AZ

"APS' leadership team is very involved and responsive and their different specialized teams are very attentive."

Longview, WA

“APS Medical Billing has more than doubled our collections since we started our relationship with them. Not only are they aggressive and good at what they do, they are also professional and easily accessible.”

Glendale, CA

“As President of our five person pathology group, I have been asked to endorse the Pathology billing services of APS Medical Billing, which I agreed to enthusiastically. Since our seamless transition to APS one year ago, we have significantly increased our monthly collections, decreased the delay in processing claims, and less time is spent in accounts receivable. We now have a team of knowledgeable personnel dedicated to our account and our personal account manager is an attentive, effective, responsible individual who will always follow-up and solves problems as they occur. The end result is better communication and enhanced revenue compared to previous. In addition, there is complete transparency to the process, attentiveness to detail, and on-going education is provided including up-dates in evolving pathology legislation. In sum, we recommend APS Pathology Billing Services without hesitation or qualification.”

Rancho Mirage, CA

“In late summer, 2012, we contracted with APS to do our pathology billing. The company we were previously using lacked experience and know-how in clinical pathology professional component billing. APS has completely fulfilled all of our expectations, both in clinical pathology professional component billing and in all other areas of pathology billing. They performed an audit of our CPT coding and pointed out some areas in which we could improve. Interestingly, a reference lab we were using had erroneously instructed us in how to bill for a certain cytology examination. When APS identified the incorrect CPT coding, the reference lab, after some initial resistance, changed their CPT coding practice for this test. In November 2012, when we renegotiated our contract with the hospital, the CEO of APS flew to Salt Lake City and attended the negotiating meeting. His input during the meeting was extremely valuable in helping us obtain a satisfactory contract. Most significantly, in February, 2013, the hospital where we practice changed the hospital/laboratory information system. The initial interface the computer company offered for transmission of billing information was not satisfactory. APS made heroic efforts in helping the computer company get a satisfactory interface system in place. The APS sales and other personnel with whom I have interacted are highly knowledgeable and very pleasant. If a pathology group is dissatisfied with their current billing arrangement, I highly recommend APS. They have done a fantastic job for us.”

Salt Lake City, UT

“Making the switch from our prior biller of several years was both an emotional and stressful task for our group. However, Gerrick and the rest of the team promised to make the transition as smooth as possible and followed through completely. Just after the first audit/follow-up financial meeting, we were pleasantly surprised to see the additional revenue stream as well as point-by-point comments on billing errors (predominantly underbilling in our case) we had been making for years. The APS team constantly updates and educates us on any new changes in billing/coding that are happening or will be happening. They are readily available to follow up on our requests or answer any questions. We are approaching our one-year anniversary since converting to APS and have no reservations about making the switch, and would highly recommend them to other potential groups seeking a new biller.”

Mountain View, CA

“APS provides superior customer service with attention to detail at every level. I have been very happy with the work APS has done for our practice.  Specifically, the APS team has taken care to educate our pathologists in depth about proper billing and PQRS coding, and they provided a free 100% audit until we achieved near perfect coding accuracy.  APS also provides detailed billing information for our practice, which is both emailed to us weekly and available to us anytime online, and, in addition, they successfully converted nearly our entire practice to electronic billing, saving significant paper and postage.”

Fremont, CA

“As the CEO of a solo pathology practice in rural Colorado, I switched to APS Medical Billing in December 2011. Thanks to the awesome APS team, the transition was seamless, with all re-credentialing details handled expeditiously and accurately on my behalf. In sixteen years of solo pathology practice, I have never worked with a more talented team of professionals. My revenue increased dramatically within a few short weeks of the transition. In addition, the APS team has minimized the work to be done on my end by maximizing and perfecting the computerized transmissions of data between my practice and APS. I cannot say enough about what they have done for my business in a very short time period. They demonstrate the most highly-developed client service skills I have ever experienced in my professional life or otherwise. They are the ultimate definition of the excellence that results from professionals dedicated to unceasing teamwork. I recommend them highly, without any reservations. I’m definitely a fan of this awesome team!”

Salida, CO

“I strongly recommend APS to anyone who enjoys excellent customer service and more revenue!

APS discovered services that had slipped through the cracks, under coded and even services not billed at all, the outcome was increases in our practice revenue. They worked very diligently to streamline our transition, from insurance contracts to system interface, which made a significant improvement in our billing and collections.”

Los Alamitos, CA

“APS’ Contract Management system; this step alone generated a significant improvement in our revenue.

APS aggressively monitored payments by commercial carriers to ensure payments were made according to contract.

APS was able to create a stable financial platform for our business.

APS has carefully analyzed our insurance contracts and service coding, which permitted us to capture hundreds of thousands of collections which we did not previously collect.

APS brought a more systematic and complete treatment of our billing, which resulted in a significant improvement in payments.”

Salem, OR

“Our collections have significantly improved since we switched to APS; I wish we had known about them sooner. APS’ transparency of the billing process and their attention to detail is refreshing.”

Verdugo Hills, CA

“APS is the best billing company we have had so far.”

Glendale, CA

“This is our 6th year with APS and we are still extremely happy. APS’ ability to follow-up and collect on accounts made a huge difference in our bottom-line.”

La Jolla, CA

“APS’ services are outstanding! APS reassessed and restructured our fees which resulted in a significant increase in our revenue.”

San Diego, CA

“The speed of APS’ technology coupled with the expertise of their staff resulted in accurate billing and complete claim resolution improving overall billing performance. APS’ capabilities and exceptional billing solutions have allowed us to improve billing and collections and we are able to focus on serving our patients.”

Toledo, OH

“My business greatly benefited and generated more revenue because of APS’ efficient billing processes.”

Beverly Hills, CA

“APS performed a comprehensive Coding Audit Review and subsequent financial impact assessment resulting in a significant increase in our revenue.”

Brawley, CA

“APS pursued accounts that would normally be written-off and was able to collect a substantial amount. They stepped in and took control of the transition and generated normal collections in our second month, improving billing, which is a huge accomplishment for our business.”

San Francisco, CA

“In working through the wide variety of billing arrangements, APS found payments that we had been missing.”

Los Angeles, CA

Following a timeline that worked best for our practice, we made the transition to APS for all our professional billing. During the transition, we noticed an immediate increase in professional billing. Now that we are fully transitioned, we have a team dedicated to our practice. They are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, and we have yet to come across a billing obstacle that was not able to be solved. We believe the strength of APS lies in this attentive customer service.  Whether it be coding issues or patients uncomfortable with the transition and new billing format, APS provided immediate support to solve the issue quickly and efficiently. We feel very grateful we made the decision to change billing companies and look forward to a long and successful partnership with APS Medical Billing.

Grand Junction, CO

Changing my billing service to APS Medical Billing is one of the best business decisions I have made. I had concerns about the process of changing but APS’ team was very professional and ensured a smooth, systematic and painless transition. Almost immediately the collections increased substantially.  

Working with APS has been pleasant and easy. The staff is responsive and helpful. I can recommend APS Medical Billing without reservations.

Palmdale, CA