Insurance Credentialing and Revenue Opportunities

The ability to credential providers and sites correctly makes the difference—and is key to a truly effective billing process. 

APS Medical Billing has an experienced, knowledgeable group of specialists to handle your insurance relationship. 

Our senior staff reviews each provider
  • We identify correct credentialing
  • Address any issues
  • Maintain credentialing and revalidation requests

If there are issues: 

APS coordinates the entire credentialing process to completion
  • We identify where new services are being provided

If your current contract is not optimal

APS reviews contract with the payer
  • We determine
    • Payment rates
    • Credentialing requirements
    • Claim submission
  • We also examine each insurer’s EOB process (plan designations, etc.).
    • Ensure compliance with contracted rates
    • Appeal underpayments and erroneous denials

The result

Learn more about our credentialing assistance processes

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