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Fine-Tuning the Nuts & Bolts of 2018 MIPS for Pathology

By now most of you have received the results of your 2017 MIPS reporting and understand that your designated payment adjustment will be applied to your traditional Medicare payments in 2019 for services provided in 2019.  Remember, the Payment Year will always follow the Performance Year by two years.

Where the first year of MIPS proved a bit challenging to understand for most of us, APS has seen this second year flow more smoothly due to the streamlined processes we’ve developed to facilitate meeting the requirements of the program.  Equally important, we continue to monitor and incorporate program changes into those processes and our communication with our clients. 

The below PDF details the requirements for Pathologists in this second year of MIPS. 

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The APS team constantly updates and educates us on any new changes in billing/coding that are happening or will be happening.

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