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CMS Enrollment Revalidation

CMS is currently in the process of revalidating 93% of active Medicare providers. The Affordable Care Act established a requirement for all enrolled providers to revalidate their enrollment information due to new enrollment screening criteria. This applies to any providers enrolled with Medicare prior to March 25, 2011. Providers must wait to revalidate until they are asked to do so by their Medicare contractor. Revalidation is required in order to maintain enrollment status; failure to do so could result in loss of Medicare billing privileges. 

If revalidation is needed, you will receive a letter in the mail (sample attached). Please keep in mind, CMS can send this letter to any address on file for your group (i.e. billing, service, hospital or contact addresses). If you receive a letter please forward to your client representative so that the revalidation process can begin right away.   

In order for APS to revalidate, we must send in a new enrollment form with the physician’s signature verifying all information is correct and up to date. If you receive a request for signature from APS, please sign and mail back as soon as possible so the revalidation process can begin immediately.

If Medicare does not receive the requested revalidation within 60 days they will begin holding payments until the process is completed.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the APS Credentialing department at 800.288.8325.  

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