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As with most areas of medicine, the field of medical billing is ever-evolving. Whether there are changes to coding and documentation, payment policies, compliance or regulation, APS Medical Billing is dedicated to being at the forefront when this information becomes available.  

Your revenue depends on our understanding of new policies and procedures, so we understand the need to stay informed on everything that impacts your practice. With this understanding, APS Medical Billing releases regular newsletters, titled the APS Update, to provide a broad overview of all current subjects relevant to running your medical practice. Also, APS releases timely white papers on time-sensitive and revenue-affecting topics, as they happen. 

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At APS Medical Billing, we believe success begins with the appropriate knowledge of your working environment. It is only after completely understanding the complexities of each client’s practice that we can employ our technology, expert staff and unrivaled customer service to achieve industry leading results. As you browse our informational library, please feel free to contact us for any further information.




Since our seamless transition to APS one year ago, we have significantly increased our monthly collections, decreased the delay in processing claims, and less time is spent in accounts receivable.

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